‘Fairy Tail’ chapter 530 recap, spoilers; Anna reveals her plan, Zeref’s key to power revealed!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.04.11
Zeref reveals his Neo Eclipse power in 'Fairy Tail' chapter 530

The latest iteration of "Fairy Tail" brings big revelations about the past and plans on defeating a very dangerous enemy. However, the person holding the key to victory could be the enemy himself.

Chapter 530 Recap

Chapter 530 of the popular fantasy manga series "Fairy Tail" is now available in Manga Stream. The chapter revealed the past of Lucy as the daughter of Layla Heartfilia - the person who opened the gates that allowed Anna Heartfilia to enter from the past. The chapter also revealed an actual working plan to defeat Acnologia - using "The Ravines of Time" to lock the dragon in.

The magic is only the size of an orange and once Acnologia touch it, he'll be trapped with no chance of getting out. It's actually a very simple plan: allow the Flying Pegasus to move fast and drop The Ravines of Time in Acnologia's direction.

The latest chapter also revealed Zeref's plan of resetting everything so he could live normally and easily kill the dragon. A plan, as Natsu pointed out, that will wipe out everyone without warning.

Zeref also revealed that he already needs Mavis to reach his objective because he already has the other "ingredient" in resetting everything: The Ravines of Time. Turns out that the very thing Anna needs to defeat Acnologia is already in Zeref's hands.

Chapter Analysis/Spoilers

It's going to be an all-out brawl in the upcoming chapters of "Fairy Tail." The guild needs Zeref because he holds the power to defeat a very dangerous enemy. But Zeref also needs it for a very different purpose.

But there's one more factor that could change everything in an instant: Grey and Lucy are opening the book on END which is actually the first time everyone will anything about Natsu's power and possible defeat. While the book will definitely contain about Natsu's END, it might also provide help to the guild on defeating Acnologia and Zeref at the same time.

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