‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 120 recap, spoilers; Akira’s peace and Furuta’s surprise attack

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.04.11
Mado admitting her father's actions

In chapter 120 of "Tokyo Ghoul:re," Akira Mado and Touka Kirishima finally meet and talk about their past while pondering about the future. Although it looks like Akira is finally ready to be part of Kaneki's squad, things could turn for the worse in the most unexpected ways.

Chapter 120 Recap

The latest chapter of the popular action/horror manga series "Tokyo Ghoul:re" feature a tense encounter between Akira and Touka. Initially, their talk is full of tense since Touka immediately admitted that she killed Akira's father. But the confrontational spirit immediately stopped when Hinami arrives and the former CCG investigator saw the children survivors from the Aogiri Tree.

The chapter is currently available for reading in Manga Stream. The chapter ended with a clear message to Akira: despite her past, she is welcome in the group. Akira's feeling of warmth and welcome without feeling any hatred towards ghouls becomes a major victory for the ghouls.

Chapter Analysis/Spoilers

Ishida's latest chapter is clearly emotional. Both parties seem to be in good terms for now as they have cleared their emotions to each other. But this is not just a way for Akira and Touka to finally mend their ways because of the past: this is considered a major step for the ghouls as Akira could fight with them against Furuta's CCG.

But before anyone could feel good about the situation, reader comments on Reddit familiar to Ishida's writing style have a stern warning: the author often offers a highly emotional moment before dropping something big. It may not involve the current characters but it will drastically stir up the current situation of the ghouls.

Furuta is clearly setting up something big against the ghouls and he could be on the move to attack Kaneki's Black Goat. Kaneki on the other hand, could have Akira and Amon at his side by the time the CCG attacks.

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