China-Australia Documentary to Show Story Behind WWII in China

By Charissa Echavez / 2016.05.31

Australians would get the chance to witness the horrors of the Second World War in China when a joint China-Australia documentary is aired this September.

A two-part documentary that tackles Japan's invasion of China was collaboratively created by CCTV's Science and Education Channel and Australia's WildBear Entertainment. The documentary will feature exclusive footages from Chinese archives that have never been released outside the mainland.

Entitled The War that Changed the World: The Making of a New China, the documentary will enlighten its viewers about how the Japanese aggression in 1931 marked the start of the Second World War, according to Peng Jianming, deputy director of the CCTV News Center.

"Unfortunately not many people fully understand the full story of history," Peng said. "The resistance from China (against Japanese aggression) is like a missing jigsaw in the World War II story."

"We have the responsibility to complete this missing piece in the jigsaw," she said.

Meanwhile, according to Michael Tear, WildBear's chief executive, the success of the project is due to the "collaborative approach" employed by both production companies.

WildBear and CCTV first collaborated in 2012 to produce The Story of Australia, which was released in October if the same year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of China and Australia's diplomatic relationship.

Screen Australia's CEO Dr. Ruth Harley said Australia is committed to establishing a strong relationship with China.

"I know that our connection will continue to facilitate future co-productions," she said.

The documentary is set to air on China's CCTV this July and Australia's Foxtel's History Channel in September.

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