‘Shokugeki no Soma’ chapter 210 recap, spoilers; Soma’s winning dish vs. Nene revealed!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.04.08
Soma completes his dish in 'Shokugeki no Soma' chapter 210

Chapter 210 of the popular manga series "Shokugeki no Soma" goes to the past while moving forward with the story. Satoshi Isshiki's skills is in full view but his bold statement in the competition has surprised everyone.

Chapter 210 Recap

Manga Stream recently released the latest chapter of the highly popular cooking manga series "Shokugeki no Soma." While everyone was amazed with the knife skills of Satoshi, the latest edition revealed a bit of a background about Satoshi and Nene Kinokuni.

Nene and Satoshi have met each other as friends as they are part of two of the biggest and oldest culinary families in the country. The manga reveals that while Nene has mastered cooking skills and other forms of art such as music, Satoshi quickly picked up on these interests with very little effort.

This is the reason why Nene was angry at Satoshi - he could have been higher in Elite 10 but didn't put a lot effort on it. Nene even asked Satoshi to do well against his opponent Julio so she could crush him on the second round.

But everyone was surprised with Satoshi's response: they won't meet on the second round because he knows Soma will defeat her in the first round. The chapter ends with Soma nearly finishing his soba against Nene.

Chapter 211 Predictions/Spoilers

The Manga Helpers forum on the latest chapter agrees with Satoshi's opinion: Soma will win the first round and although the judges' reaction will be featured in the next chapter, the decision will come down soon and it's going to be Soma.

Satoshi practically grew with Nene which means he knows her capabilities. He has also lived with Soma for some time and he is also familiar with his culinary capabilities which means he has inside knowledge which is the better cook.

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