Yum Yum Movies Takes Movie Watching to Another Level in Hong Kong

By Charissa Echavez / 2016.05.30
Chef in Hong Kong combines love for food and movie into a fine dining classic movie experience.

While many people bring a box of popcorn and hotdogs when watching movies, Yum Yum Movies take moviegoers to the next level by serving fine foods.

Combining passion for food and film, Andrea Oschetti, chef at Coure Private Kitchen in Hong Kong, introduced a relatively fine dining movie experience with a relatively basic concept. It first serves guests with fine food as they watch a fine film, then some dishes are tied in with moments in the film.

To add another element of surprise, the movie venues are a secret location and guests are only told after buying a ticket.

Oschetti's first ever event took place this month in a loft-style place in Wong Chuk Hang. It screened Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet film and was accompanied by a five-course meal, which was served at a certain time in the movie.

Moviegoers were all welcomed with a drink of Montague Prosecco or Capulet Raspberry Belline, coined after the warring families in the play. Then, when Romeo and Juliet made their first kiss, guests were served with oysters grilled in their shells with gorgonzola sauce. Then, when Father Laurence gave the toxic plant that would put Juliet to sleep, the chef served a peppery green salad of rocket, parmesan cheese, sous vide egg and edible flowers. For the movie's tragic finale, a tequila shot paired with a bitter chocolate cake was served.

"The tequila shot was taken at the moment Romeo takes his poison, we felt the burn of the 'poison' as Romeo dies. The chocolate cake highlighted a bitter-sweet ending," Oschetti told South China Morning Post.

For those who want to get a first-hand experience of this event, tickets are sold at around 540 yuan ($82). Upcoming movies are the 2011 romantic comedy film Amelie and the 2012 American coming-of-age art movie by Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom on May 31 and June 21, respectively.

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