‘Quantico’ Season 2, episode 15 spoilers: Fake news syndicate in ‘MOCKINGBIRD’

By Tarun Mazumdar / 2017.03.21
‘Quantico’ Season 2 spoilers: Joshua Safran talks about [Spoiler’s] exit

The new episode of "Quantico" sees the task force going after a fake news syndicate. The "Quantico" Season 2, Episode 15 promo trailer is out and it shows what happens in "MOCKINGBIRD."

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Is it Caleb's (Graham Rogers) on the show? No, it is Caleb's brother Clay (Hunter Parrish). He is the new head of the illegal task force assembled by President Claire Haas.

According to the synopsis for "Quantico" Season 2, episode 15, Owen is leading an investigation that uncovers the fake news syndicate. However, the investigation of the publisher of a fake news story turns out to be deadly for the task force.

Watch "Quantico" Season 2, Episode 15 promo below.

In other "Quantico" news, EW spoke with showrunner Josh Safran about the new character introduced in "Quantico" Season 2, episode 14.

With the arrival Clay, the showrunner is asked about the difference between the two characters.

"He is the oldest, the most buttoned-up, and the most professional, but that doesn't necessarily make him the most secure. He definitely is constantly aware of the right way to do something and is not used to going off the beaten path, so he has been placed on this team to keep them in line, but also his mother understands that the team is there to help dirty him up a bit," Safran said.

The showrunner also talked about the single timeline and the challenge they faced. He mentioned that most difficult thing was the energy. He explained that they had to work to break "Quantico" Season 2, episode 14 and bring in the energy the episode and the single timeline needed. "It was tricky to discover the new rhythm. Once we did, I think it just gets better and better," he added.

Stay tuned for more updates, spoilers and news for "Quantico" Season 2 episodes.

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