'Monster Hunter' is likely to be released on the Nintendo Switch

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.21
Monster Hunter

We all know that the "Monster Hunter" will not be used as a launch title, the is still going to be released on the Nintendo Switch as the company tends to release the game. However, Capcom seemed to be hesitant to release the game on the console.

There has been no official announcement from Capcom yet, but Nintendo is showing some signs that the "Monster Hunter" would actually be released in the Switch. Takashi Mochizuki of the Nintendo company recently posted a message via Twitter, citing that they are planning some new franchise title for the Nintendo Switch, including the "Monster Hunter XX."

In the message, it shows that Mochizuki was talking to the Capcom about the possible porting of the "Monster Hunter" title to the Nintendo Switch. Game designer Shintaro Kojima replied with the statement, "Hope you enjoy it on the 3DS first," which leave a hint that the game franchise's presence on the console is not far from reality as per the Twinfitnite reported.

Fans may seem to be teased with the Twitter message of both parties, lighting up every fan's mind that their beloved "Monster Hunter" title will possibly appear in a larger screen. If the game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch, the title can be played in the television as well in the portable game console like the PS Vita where it was last seen.

On the other hand, Capcom is currently committed with the Nintendo Switch as the developers gave a green light to the company to release the Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challenger said the One Angry Gamer. With this, Capcom is likely to give Nintendo a "go" for the "Monster Hunter" title once the retro Street Fighter title is released.

Having the "Monster Hunter XX" on the Nintendo Switch in the future is not a surprise at all as the title was still running on the Nintendo Wii until today. Today one thing is for sure, fans are excited to see the game in a much better graphics on their TV screen.

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