[SPOILER] Lee Joon Gi’s anonymous ‘candy’ revealed in latest episode of ‘My Ear’s Candy’

By diana / 2017.03.18
'Scarlet Heart Ryeo' actor Lee Joon Gi on tvN's 'My Ear's Candy.'

After teasing the viewers with Lee Joon Gi's missing "candy," the tvN program has finally exposed the identity of "Bunny Bunny" on the Mar. 18 episode of "My Ear's Candy."

During their intimate conversation, Lee Joon Gi and the anonymous caller tried to guess each other's identity. The person from the other line even asked the "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" star if he is an actor.

"For me, I would say that I've usually played candy-like roles, just like how I'm your candy on "My Ear's Candy,"" the caller told him as per Soompi.

Lee Joon Gi, on the other hand, guessed that the mystery person was Kim Go Eun. However, the caller refused to give him clues and said, "You must look like Kim Go Eun, if you were thinking of someone who looks similar to you."

The person from the other line also noticed Lee Joon Gi's voice and said he sounds familiar. Hence, the actor bluffed and told her that he is making his voice deeper on purpose.

The "Scarlet Heart Ryeo" actor even flattered "Bunny Bunny" when he told her that she has a nice voice. Lee Joon Gi also told her that he is more driven to get to know her true identity.

"That's something I like. I'm not very good at being the first to approach someone or lead a conversation. I do better when someone gives me a helping hand," she answered.

Before the episode ended, "My Ear's Candy" revealed Lee Joon Gi's missing "candy" is Park Min Young.

Meanwhile, Allkpop cited the 34-year-old actor has been considered for the Korean remake of American series "Criminal Minds." Lee Joon Gi alongside Moon Chae Won reportedly received a proposal to take part in the project.

However, neither of the two Namoo Actors has made a final decision as of yet.

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