'Boruto: Naruto Next Generation': Metal Lee’s mother & 4 big reveals in new anime series

By Shonen Lord / 2017.03.17
Boruto Anime Series

Out with the old and in with the new. With the Naruto series finally coming to end next week, the buzz surrounding its predecessor, Boruto anime series, becomes louder and louder.

And while the original Naruto series has successfully entrenched itself as one of the biggest shonen titles in this series, only time will tell how the story of the next generation of shinobis would fare.

The only certain about this series is it will always provide intriguing plots fans will glue in every week. And of course, everybody should buckle up for few big revelations that will have huge implications on the growth of the characters and flow of the entire story.

Here are 4 reveals to watch out in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Mohawk Villain - If you have already read the ongoing manga by Masashi Kishimoto's protégé Mikio Ikemoto, then you might probably come across with a dude sporting a Mohawk. That guy is none other than Boruto's main rival Kawaki and he's scary strong.

But there's no need to worry right away, because it appears it may take a little while for his introduction and subsequent obliteration of the Konoha Village.

Mitsuki of the Moon - Boruto will focus on a troika of protagonists, just as what Naruto had on Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto's son Boruto and Sasuke and Sarada's daughter Sarada will be teamed up with a cunning ninja academy boy hailed outside the Village. Shrewd with mystery, it won't be that hard to trace the shinobi's real parentage.

Eyes' Bluer than Blue - Apart from perfecting Shadow Clone jutsu and hurling shuriken, Boruto's ability is unknown. Sure, he could tap into the power of the Byakugan largely due to his Hyuga lineage, but there's something is in his eyes that may lead him to even greater power. Could it be the Tenseigan or much scarier awakening?

She Who Gives Birth Metal - Since the introduction of the new crop of ninja in Konoha in the final chapter of the Naruto manga series, it's always intriguing to ask this question: Who is Metal Lee's mother?

If you are taking everything into consideration, including the events in episode 494 of the Naruto series, the answer to that question isn't that hard. And there's no doubt the upcoming series will spill the beans about it.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generaion will be making its TV debut on Wednesday April 5 on Tokyo TV.

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