‘Master of None’ season 2; Dev returns to New York for Rachel!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.16
Dev and Arnold enjoying the countryside in 'Master of None' season 2 teaser

Netflix continues its march towards original content not in brand new series and movies. But the popular streaming site is also pushing their popular series for another season and "Master of None" is set to return this year with an actual release date.

Aziz Ansari Returns to Netflix

"Master of None" is one of the great comedy series to come out in 2015 and even though Aziz Ansari is already a popular comedian, the original series from Netflix made him a household name. The story of a budding actor starring in various commercials in a very yuppie and millennial setting has proved to be a very funny setting. A bonus from the series: Ansari's parents (played by his real life parents) could actually pull in some unexpected laughs.

So it's no surprise that Netflix will renew the series for another season and according to Deadline, the Emmy winning series will return on May 12. The media streaming giant also dropped a short teaser of Ansari enjoying a motorcycle ride in the country side.

The Story So Far (Spoilers from Season One)

According to TV Line the sophomore season will focus on Dev Shah's adventure in New York after his brief stint abroad. The first season ended beautifully although the stars of the show had to go on their separate ways. Dev and Rachel (Noël Wells) called it quits with Rachel going abroad and Dev going to Italy to learn pasta making - which clearly explains the short teaser trailer of the series.

Although it's just a short teaser of Dev and his friend Arnold (Eric Wareheim), it should indicate that the series will not move directly to New York. Part of the series could focus on Dev and Arnold's time in Italy learning pasta cooking while revealing the reason on why they have to come back.

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