Great white sharks congregate in Cape Cod waters: What draw the predators? [WATCH]

By Mharia Emmareen / 2017.03.14
A Great White Shark swims in Shark Alley near Dyer Island on July 8, 2010 in Gansbaai, South Africa.

Admit it or not a lot of people are afraid of sharks - great whites in particular. Cape Cod is always frequented by unwelcomed visitors feared by tourists. The study shows that the number of great white sharks roaming the area seems to be increasing.

According to the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries top shark expert, Greg Skomal, based on the most recent data from years of research of the great white sharks, the predator's population is adding up. However, the deadly sea creatures are after the seals and not of people. Researchers aboard a plane and boats recognized 147 sharks last summer, reported.

The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries organized research discovered that the regional shark statistics persist on increasing since the study started in 2014. Skomal took notice that one of the major discoveries from the research is the rise on the figures of young sharks heading to a flourishing population.

"Last summer [2016] we saw greater numbers of smaller sharks, including juveniles, and that tells us that the population is rebuilding," Skomal stated.

Great white sharks are unusual visitors to Cape Cod wherein 2009 five has been sighted and went back to the same place annually from then on. These predators journey to find warmer waters including food. Cape Cod shelters a massively growing population of seal making it the best destination for hungry giant hunters, according to National Geographic.

Chatham, Cape Cod's small town has been well-known because great white sharks are frequently spotted in the area. Locals and tourists alike converge to take a closer look at juveniles and the grown up carnivores.

Although great white sharks are not after humans, it is still risky for paddle boarders, swimmers, and surfers to venture into the waters near seal colonies. The Cape Cod local government is being more vigilant to prevent shark attacks keeping their eyes in the water from the air and from land.

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