'Fairy Tail' chapter 527 spoilers; Gildarts defeats August with Mavis' help!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.14
Gildarts attack August in 'Fairy Tail' chapter 526

The latest chapter in "Fairy Tail" moves the battle further between Gildarts and August as well as Zeref and Natsu. While the battle continues, some key important information is revealed in the series that could change the battle in an instant.

Chapter 526 Recap

Chapter 526 of the popular magical manga series "Fairy Tail" is already available in Manga Stream. The chapter focuses on three storylines: the first storyline is between August and Gildarts where the latter sacrificed his body to protect her daughter Cana. Although suffering from a direct assault, Gildarts endured the pain because of the prior attack which gave way for waves of attack from Gildarts and Cana.

On the other hand, Zeref's viciousness was revealed in the latest chapter as he also told Rahkeid that he's just another demon made from his book. Even though he's the best the best creation from Zeref's book, Natsu's enemy still deemed him as insignificant.

The final revelation in the latest chapter was the recollection on Zeref and Mavis' son. Although it was initially assumed that Rahkeid is Mavis and Zeref's son, the chapter revealed that August is actually the son of the two powerful wizards.

Chapter 527 Predictions/Spoilers

The Manga Helpers forum on the latest chapter discusses on Gildarts chances against August. Although he's regarded as one of the most powerful wizards in the guild, the mere fact that he's up against the son of Mavis and Zeref greatly limits his chance of success. But that doesn't mean the guild has no chance in dealing with the most powerful wizard of Spriggan 12.

As "Fairy Tail" nears its end, it's very likely that Gildarts will defeat August in this match but he cannot do it alone. He'll need assistance from other wizards and based on the previous chapters, Cana's power is not enough to defeat the enemy. Mavis would have to step in and deal with his son once and for all.

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