Eunkwang’s celebrity crush exposed in ‘Entertainment Relay’

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.03.14
BTOB's Eunkwang during the 2013 United Cube Concert.

BTOB member Eunkwang’s celebrity crush has been exposed to the public in the recent episode of the variety program “Entertainment Relay”.

The 26-year-old star’s crush was revealed by no other than his fellow BTOB member Sungjae. According to him as quoted by All KPop: “The members texted me to send Gong Yoo hyung their regards. Eunkwang also said, 'Kim Go Eun is so pretty'".

On the March 2 episode of the “New Yang Nam Show”, Eunkwang has made a surprise call and expressed his apologies to Red Velvet's Seulgi after revealing in a different program that the band member is among his celebrity crushes. In response, Seulgi stated that she took no offense on the BTOB leader’s revelation.

“There is something I really want to say. I want to apologize to Seulgi for unmannerly mentioning her as my ideal type on a different broadcast... I really wanted to say this because it could've been unpleasant to my fans, Seulgi's fans, as well as Seulgi herself," said Eunkwang as quoted by All KPop.

Meanwhile, BTOB has recently claimed the fourth spot in the “Brand Reputation Rankings” by the Korea Business Research Institute. With a total score of 12,047,903, BTS was hailed as the first-placer followed by EXO and SEVENTEEN, Soompi reports.

Moreover, the group’s latest single “Movie” has also dominated different music charts in Korea. To express their appreciation, the band members has extended their gratitude and love to their supporters.

According to Eunkwang as quoted by Soompi: “Thank you so much to Melodies and those who love and support BTOB’s music. This album concept and title track is a new challenge for BTOB so I was a little worried but I’m happy that people are showing it a lot of love. We as BTOB will work hard to take on new challenges and create even better music in the future.”

Check out the music video of BTOB's latest single "Movie" below:

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