Jeon Somi receives advice from vocal coach in ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2’

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.03.13
Jeon Somi in the music video of her collaboration song with Eric Nam titled 'You, Who?'.

South Korean singer and former I.O.I member Jeon Somi was given an advice by a vocal coach after opening up about her insecurities as a singer in the March 10 installment of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2”.

During the show, Jeon was asked by the vocal coach of her struggles as a performer. As a response, the singer revealed as quoted by Soompi: “I’m just afraid of myself. I’m afraid to let out my voice…My voice sounded different and was louder than the other members [of I.O.I] so I always tried to lower my volume. When I was promoting as I.O.I, my confidence level dropped because I was getting evaluated on how I sing."

After hearing her story, the 16-year-old star was given words of encouragement by the vocal coach. According to him: “Criticism is necessary for a singer to improve. But it becomes a problem when you start limiting yourself because of the criticisms you’ve received. You need to overcome those obstacles and move on. And I will help you with certain techniques so that you could fix what you lack, okay?”

The trainer added in an individual interview: “I wasn’t surprised when she cried because I’ve been through it all. I was actually proud of her for coming this far without letting her feelings show despite her young age. I also thought that I really needed to lead her more [through this experience].”

Meanwhile, Jeon has recently done a collaboration project with singer Eric Nam titled “You, Who?”. The music video of the song was released on March 9 through the YouTube page of CJENMMUSIC Official, Soompi reports.

Jeon began her entertainment career in 2015 after joining the reality girl group survival show ”Sixteen” but lost at the final round. A year later she became part of the girl group I.O.I.

Check out the music video of Jeon Somi and Eric Nam’s latest single “You,Who?” below:

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