BTS fans flock newly opened restaurant owned by Suga’s mom

By diana / 2017.03.13
BTS members pose upon their arrival at the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.

A newly opened restaurant in Daegu is drawing the attention of BTS fans not only because of its delicious food, but also because the place is owned by Suga's mom.

According to Allkpop, the establishment started operating just recently. In fact, BTS members showed their support to Suga's mom by sending her floral wreaths and congratulatory messages for the opening of the new business.

Suga wrote, "Mom, I hope you have daebak from BTS SUGA." Another member said, "Congratulations on your opening from the members of BTS."

Aside from the idols, ARMYs also showed their support to Suga by visiting his mom's restaurant. The "Big Hearted Grandma's Blood Sausage Soup" displays photos of BTS as well as snippets of Suga's family as per Koreaboo.

Not only that, other memorabilia of the boy group were also included in the interior of the restaurant. These include BTS' official light stick, albums, and Suga's favorite figurines.

Since it opened, ARMYs have been flocking the area to eat at the restaurant. They would even lined up outside to wait for their turn to dine inside. Some of them even advertised the restaurant on social media.

ARMYs particularly mentioned soondae guk and assured that it was worth the long wait.

"This is so fun. We're in line waiting for soup so others have been asking us, "Is someone here? Why are you all lined up?" a fan wrote.

She added, "So we all ARMYs unanimously replied, "Because it's delicious. You should definitely try it" then they started saying they should come when there aren't so many people."

Meanwhile, Suga and the rest of BTS are currently busy with a series of shows for "The Wings Tour." The Korean boy group is slated to visit Brazil, United States, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and Japan from March to July for the concert tour.

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