‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 116; Amon joins Kaneki, Furuta gains Donato

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay / 2017.03.13
Matsuri is attacked from behind in 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' chapter 116

The latest chapter of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" pushes the story forward as both sides gain important pieces of allies for their cause. With each sides acknowledging each other, it's only a matter of time before the two leaders meet for another battle.

Chapter 116 Recap

"Tokyo Ghoul:re" is moving forward with the story by showing how the two leaders consolidate their power as chronicled in Manga Stream. The chapter starts with Matsuri meeting his end at the hands of not one but three separate groups: V Organization, Clowns and CCG. Although he put up a gallant fight in the beginning, he was eventually cut to shreds since he's surrounded by the enemy.

With Matsuri's death, Furuta became the de facto head of CCG and his blood line makes him also the head of V Organization. Donato's Clowns are also loyal to Furuta which means he has three groups at his disposal. On the other hand, CCG has also identified the enemy even with their aid in eliminating clowns.

Furuta's ascent to power became possible as he eliminates everyone in his way. But Kaneki is gaining allies by saving them and the latest person he's talking at the end of the chapter could be a serious ally - Amon finally wakes up from his ghoul state for serious conversation with Kaneki.

Kaneki's Squad vs. Furuta's Squad

The reactions to the latest chapter on My Anime List focuses on Amon's upcoming conversation with Kaneki. It goes without saying that the former CCG investigator will ultimately work with Kaneki and in a higher position so he could command his own squad of ghouls.

As of this writing, Furuta already had three organizations with some of the scariest and blood thirsty ghouls. On the other hand, Kaneki is gaining the support of various ghouls and Amon's presence could be a game changer as he could attract more investigators to their side.

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