Jung Kyung Ho extends gratitude to fans and production crew as ‘Missing 9’ ends

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.03.12
Jung Kyung Ho during the photocall for the 'TISSOT' Tradition Open Heart launch.

South Korean actor Jung Kyung Ho expressed his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who had been part of the recently finished TV drama series “Missing 9”.

In the video released by MBC, the 33-year-old actor shared how his relationship with his fellow actors have grown since they started filming the drama. He also acknowledged the efforts of the production crew as well as the support of the fans.

"Filming has ended. I think we filmed for about 6 months, and during that time, I grew very close to everyone, and remember only laughing, and the staff, who worked incredibly hard, and us 'Missing 9', as well as our Seoul-based characters, you all went through a lot. To our staff and our actors, I think it'd be great if an opportunity like this came again," stated Jung as quoted by All KPop.

Meanwhile, Jung’s co-star Choi Tae Joon opened up his feelings on being part of the “Missing 9” in an interview during the cast and crew’s farewell party. He further shared his thoughts about his villain character Choi Tae Ho.

According to Choi as quoted by Soompi: “They [the staff] suffered a lot because it wasn’t an easy drama to film, but I really enjoyed acting out my character… I was really happy to have been able to show you a new side of myself as an actor through ‘Missing 9.’ I will work hard to continue to be a good actor in the future.”

He added: “I saw this funny post titled, ‘Tae Ho, again?’ The cast and crew would joke around and say, ‘Tae Ho, again?’ when they saw me. It was nice to get such a fun nickname like that.”

“Missing 9” unfolds the story of a tragic plane crash which resulted in the disappearance of nine influential personalities in the show business. The show was written by Son Hwang Won and directed by filmmaker Choi Byung Gil.

Watch a video clip of “Missing 9” below:

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