‘Limitless’ Season 2 finally confirms cancellation; Show looks for new home?

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.03.12
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There might be hope for a comeback for "Limitless" season 2. But, when and which network?

On the Petition Site, fans have been pushing for a second season and the producers of the show already had a storyline prepared in case of a possible "Limitless" season 2 renewal. According to the show's producer, Craig Sweeney, the focus would not be so much on Brian Finch, played by Jake McDorman. The show will still have NZT as an element for the show.

The show revolves around the controversial drug NZT, which is the possible reason why streaming services like Netflix and Amazon passed on the opportunity to produce the show. The fans, however, are pushing for a possible renewal for they see this as a great show. In fact, they believe in the show so much, they started an online petition to urge streaming services to pick it up. Unfortunately, things are a lot more complicated as the producers already shut down the possibility for a second season.

The CBS series started off great with high ratings, but as the show progressed, the ratings started going down and so did the chances for a second season. According to Cinema Blend, Sweeney already has plans for the show and for Brian as well. Sweeney talks of Brian's use of NZT while working with Rebecca and Boyle. Sweeney also talks of additional members to the team.

Sweeney has solid plans for the show just in case it picks up for a second season. No word yet on the status for a second season. Although CBS has already renewed some of its shows including NCIS, the same cannot be said for the network's new shows. Fans just has to cross their fingers and hope for the best that the show continues to excite and keep fans glued to their seats.

As of this date, there is no news about which network "Limitless" season 2 will air if it gets renewed. Thus, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt.

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