New 'Overwatch' hero Orisa is about to enter the arena this March; Blizzard have revealed her skills

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.08

Blizzard Entertainment has just revealed the upcoming "Overwatch" hero named Orisa. Though the new character has been released in the Public Test Realm or the PTR, the developer is yet to announce her official release date.

According to the IGN, Orisa is unlikely to be seen in the "Overwatch" official server until later this month of March. Game director Jeff Kaplan recently shared a time table of the scheduled release date of the new character in the game community forum.

Kaplan said that his team decided to let Orisa available on the PTR in the next few days of this month. He also stated that they are receiving several good feedback despite the fact that the new character is still in development.

As per the Polygon reported, Orisa has been updated several times since she was sent to the public test realm last week. It was confirmed that the recent changes made to her were the decrease of magazine size of her weapon along with the increased cost of her Ultimate Skill.

Moreover, Orisa is known to be a tanker class who has the ability to buff herself and teammate and increase her own defense rate. With Orisa on the team, enemies will have a hard time sweeping them all at once.

Blizzard is still doing some tweaks on Orisa as they prefer releasing the new character as perfect as they can. It has been said during the early stage of development, the team are trying to find the right fit for Orisa until, they decided to turn the new hero into a tanker class.

Players may notice that Blizzard has already made a lot of changes to the game to maintain its balance, especially on its roster. "Overwatch" is expected to release more updates and patches in the next few weeks along the release of the new characters as the developer promised.

Additionally, aside from the updates on Orisa, Blizzard has already made changes to several heroes of the game such as Ana and Winston, but it was still only available on the PTR. These changes are expected to drop on the official server this month.

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