'Metal Gear Solid' movie is confirmed in development; Sniper Wolf and Cyborg Ninja are confirmed to appear

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.08
Metal Gear

"Metal Gear Solid" the movie has been sitting in the rumor chair for more than a decade and yet no film was ever made or released. As of today, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has confirmed that the movie adaptation of the legendary game is in development.

According to the Segment Next, director Vogt-Roberts is currently working on the characters for the upcoming "Metal Gear Solid" movie. He said that he feels like they need to add more characters to appear in the film to add more depth in the storyline.

Along with Snake, the killer Sniper Wolf is sure to appear in the movie as the character will be playing an important role in the story, aside from the fact that the director is a fan of the character. The director also confirmed the appearance of the Cyborg Ninja, citing that the character was the director's favorite character in the game.

Jordan Vogt-Robert's desire to adapt the video game's story is obviously ambitious. Since the "Metal Gear Solid" has a complicated story with a wide range of characters, the director needs to make sure that he could adapt almost everything that Hido Kojima injected into the series.

Vogt-Roberts said that he is considering breaking the fourth wall, though he finds it not so important than the ideologies of the characters, Den of Geek reported. The director added that he needs to break the fourth wall, he is ready to do it.

During the past month, Vogt-Roberts claimed that the "Metal Gear Solid" scripts are still in development. He said that making the movie adaptation of the game would be an honor for him, the fact that he will be the reason why fans could definitely see Solid Snake in a live action movie.

"Metal Gear Solid" series creator Hideo Kojima said that Vogt-Roberts is a great director as he also unveils that he has nothing to do with the movie adaptation. Kojima confirmed that he is no longer a part of Konami and is busy working on Death Stranding. Konami is reportedly developing the upcoming Metal Gear Survive.

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