'For Honor' will release two new heroes, Centurion and Ninja; Season Pass owners will get it first 7 days before the launch

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.07
For Honor

Before the official release of the "For Honor," Ubisoft confirmed that there will be new heroes to add in the next couple of months. The developer teased during the post-launch of the game stating that six new heroes will be added and will be sent out in two batches.

According to Escapist Magazine, Ubisoft Montreal did not share any information about the planned and upcoming heroes, even which of the three factions will they be brought. Apart from that, the "For Honor" season pass revealed an image that shows new characters teased in a silhouette, which are known to be part of the DLC.

With this, players and fans began speculating that the two of the characters are the Roman Centurion and a Japanese Ninja. These two new characters are expected by several fans to drop in the upcoming "For Honor" DLC pack.

A Reddit user named Bones404 posted an image that shows new character select screen. It appears that the image was taken from the "For Honor" character select during in-game, though the Reddit user didn't mention any source.

Moreover, the Centurion is expected to be at the Knight factions. It is obvious that the new character is likely to be a part of the Knight faction due to its fighting style and armor features, but the weapon it may bear is not yet clear.

On the other hand, the Shinobi-Style Ninja may be a dual-wielding class with some throwing weapons. The Ninja is an exciting class due to the fact that they use reflexes and agility as their main advantage compared to the other classes.

These two new heroes are expected to appear in the next "For Honor" Season Pass, as per the UK Express. It was revealed that the new heroes will be available to the Season Pass owners seven days before the official launch. The said characters are obtainable via the "For Honor" online store to be purchased using Steel, the in-game currency that is earned by completing certain challenges every match.

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