Singer Hani reveals her parents were once against her decision of joining the entertainment industry

By Dianne Sencil / 2017.03.06
EXID's Hani during a fan meeting event in Hong Kong.

KPop idol and EXID member Hani has recently opened up about her family’s thoughts on her decision in joining the show business in her recent appearance in the travel-reality show “Flower Road”.

The 24-year-old star gladly stated that she is proud to have made her parents pleased of her achievements as an artist. However, she also revealed that it had been hard for her at first as her family is not in favor of her decision of entering the entertainment platform. In fact, her mother even set a time limit of 3 years for her to prove herself.

According to Hani, as quoted by All KPop: “I'm proud that I've become a daughter that my parents can be proud of. My real name is Hee Yeon, but my dad calls me 'Hani' if we go to restaurants because he wants to boast about me. Before, no one recognized me even when I was a celebrity, and I felt sorry because I was working but without any results… My parents originally were really against [my becoming a singer]. My mom gave me a limit of 3 years, and I promised that if I didn't have any success in 3 years, I would stop. "

She further said: "But we saw success right before the 3 years were up. My mom said, 'I admit it; I was wrong'. I got chills then. I was so happy. I wanted my mother to acknowledge me the most."

Meanwhile, Hani is set to appear on the 5th-anniversary episode of the popular variety show “Happy Together” on March 23. Aside from her, KPop idols Yura, Hyeri, Kim Se Jung, and Jeon So Mi will also be guesting on the program, All KPop reported.

Watch Hani’s promising rendition of the song “Honey” on “King Of Masked Singer” below:

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