iPad Pro 2 to support keyboard and mouse; Release date and specs confirmed

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.06
The Apple iPad Pro 2 is about to unveil this March. The tablet is expected to support a keyboard and mouse.

Apple is sure to release the iPad Pro 2 in the near future and the company is yet to reveal any information about the device. Several rumors and speculation about the device, including the mouse and keyboard support that everybody would love to have.

According to Recode, the Apple iPad Pro is one of the best tablets worldwide that it can even perform well like the Windows PC or Laptop. It may also beat the PC due to its mobility and size than can be a great stealth in the bag.

Having a keyboard and mouse as the main input device for every PC provides ease for every user. If these devices work together and brought to a tablet, it would be a game changer.

It is no surprise that several fans are demanding to include a keyboard and mouse support to the upcoming iPad Pro 2. Apart from these, there are images and videos leaked in the social media showing a concept iPad Pro 2 with a keyboard and mouse connected via USB mini.

If Apple would eventually consider adding the keyboard and mouse support to the upcoming iPad Pro 2, it may open a wide opportunity for the company, includeing more games and applications. iPad Pro 2 may literally become a tablet turned into a laptop if the keyboard and mouse will be added.

Meanwhile, with the release of the iPad Pro 2 years ago, it has been said that the device might be able to replace the laptop computer due to its performance and capabilities. Unfortunately, the device was to fall short because of the limited applications and some clunky accessories as per the Yahoo! News said.

The news suggested that Apple needs to make their device intact to the fans' need while maintaining its market value. With very limited applications and very strict securities, iPad Pro 2 may not appeal to the interest of many fans if the company would basically stick to what they have today.

On the other hand, the CNet confirmed that the Apple iPad Pro is slated to unveil by the company this March. The report shows that the new tablet will use the A10X processor with a market price of $299.

Aside from that, the iPad Pro 2 is said to use the iOS 10.3 packed with 4GB RAM with a new magnetic Apple Pencil. The tablet will be presented in four different size variants from 7.9 inches up to 10.9 inches.

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