Taylor Swift has new music coming and we have the release date

By Alicia Carlton / 2017.03.04
The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Press Room

Taylor Swift is releasing new music and the release date is happening later this year. Her friend "Shape Of Your" singer, Ed Sheeran, may have spilled the beans on this one.

Accoring to The Huffington Post, the "Thinking Out Loud" hitmaker said that her best friend, Taylor Swift, is about to release some new music by the end of 2017. Nobody knows if he even has the liberty to spill this matter but he did it anyway.

It was during a BBC interview that Sheeran told the press about Taylor Swift's plan to release some new tracks. He didn't specify if it is going to be a single or a complete album. But he is sure that this is the move that the pop star will make since according to him, December is the best time to release music because it is when a lot of people actually buy records.

Whether it is true or not that Taylor Swift is releasing new materials before the year ends, it would appear that there is a huge possibility that it is happening because of some events that happened in her life recently. She has been kind of in a little hiatus after her "1989" tour, as well as her breakup with actor, Tom Hiddleston that was back in the summer of 2016.

There was no confirmation from the "Out Of The Woods" singer and her rep about Sheeran's revelation of her music release. Meanwhile, the "Lego House" singer said he is not competing with his BFF when it comes to this subject saying that he has a full year going on for him this 2017.

Based on that statement, it looks like fans could expect more music from him. He is also currently on tour and his next stop is on Inglewood, California on March 5 at The Forum.

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