What’s this cool gift Katie Holmes gave to her daughter Suri Cruise? Everyone would wish they had this during their childhood

By Natalie Anderson / 2017.03.02
The image depicts Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise.

Katie Holmes wants to give her daughter an innocent, stable childhood. Tom Cruise and Holmes' daughter Suri Cruise is now 10 years old.

Now, Holmes is 38 years old. In a way, Holmes shares the upbringing of the young Cruise along with the older Cruise.

Holmes will appear in the "Town & Country" magazine that would be released in April 2017. In the interview, she said that the young Cruise gets special thanks every time because every job Holmes does is dedicated to the little Cruise who does amazing things for her. She also discussed that she puts Cruise first before her work as an actress.

Holmes said that the job as an actress in this industry is very unstable. Hence, that is why she has turned into directing.

Holmes has already directed a film. In December 2016, she had her directorial debut with the movie "All We Had".

In 2011, Holmes has portrayed the role of Jackie Kennedy Onassis in a History Channel series, "The Kennedys".  In 2017, she will play as Onassis again, which is the second time.

Holmes will star in the TV mini-series "The Kennedys: After Camelot". It is about how Onassis dealt with life after John F. Kennedy's death.

Holmes will depict how Onassis does as she raises her young teenagers as a single mother. She explained that she can relate how Onassis handled being a single parent.

Holmes also tackled that like Onassis, she also experiences how her privacy is being violated. Similar to what Onassis has gone through, Holmes said that it is difficult to see her life laid out in the public eye.

Holmes said that in their household, they know that what they read in the tabloid is not true. So they do not pay attention. Holmes continued that "if they know you, they will write about you".

Furthermore, she shared that it is difficult for her that Cruise is growing an inch closer to her teenage years. Holmes added that it is sad that Cruise is growing fast.

She is afraid that as her daughter is growing older, she would also get further away from her. Holmes understands though that like kids turning adults, Cruise needs to be independent.

The little Miss Cruise was born in 2006. She was first seen in the public eye when she was only five months old, when "Vanity Fair" featured Ms. Holmes, Mr. Cruise and baby Cruise in 2006. Before and after Ms. Holmes and Mr. Cruise's divorce in 2012, the paparazzi have been following Holmes and the little Cruise's every move.

Watch video regarding Katie Holmes as she puts daughter Suri Cruise first:

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