EA Dice announced the four 'Battlefield 1' expansion of 2017; Released Date and features revealed

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.02
Battlefield 1

EA DICE has just announced the planned Expansion and DLC's for the "Battlefield 1" this year. As the developer unveils all the details of the upcoming Expansions, they confirmed that all these can be purchased in individually or they can buy the premium pass to get all.

As per the GameSpot reported, first of the four expansion is the "They Shall Not Pass," wherein it features large in-game content with the French Army. Aside from new aspects of the gameplay, EA DICE also add some new weapons, vehicles, maps and more add-ons.

According to the Euro Gamers, the first "Battlefield 1" expansion will also bring the barbaric Russian armies, but the company decided to drop it on the second DLC, Name of the Star. The second DLC is said to feature a battle against the Russian Army, which the war will take place in the middle of the snow covered ravines of Lupkow Pass along with some intense gunfight in the historical events in the Albion assault.

Aside from that, players will have the chance to face Hussar in the Brusilov Offense mission. This marks the event during 1916, a battle where Russia attacks the Central Power Armies that lasted for three months, from June to September of the same year.

EA Dice will be adding an all new "Battlefield 1" naval warfare in the third expansion, Turning Tides. It has been announced that the company will add a new Destroyer and the Coastal Class Airship.

This time, the fight will took place in the roaring currents along with some air assault simultaneously. EA confirmed that the events in the thrid expansion are derived from the historic World War I.

The game will send us to the ruined beaches of the Gallipoli Offense where the Zeebrugdde Raid started. This is an assault made by the Royal Navy to block the Belgian port of Bruges-Zeebrugge.

As for the fourth and final "Battlefield 1" expansion for this year, EA unveils the brutal contact of World War I. With the title "Apocalypse," the expansion will also feature some of the historic weapons and maps along with its new campaign.

Since there a total of 4 "Battlefield 1" expansion slated for this year, each DLC's will be released every quarter of 2017. The first expansion will be released this March, which can be purchased separately for those who don't have the Premium Pass.

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