[BREAKING] U-KISS member Kevin confirms departure from boy group, label to pursue dreams

By diana / 2017.03.01
U-KISS member Kevin featured in a web series with Laboum.

U-KISS member Kevin, through NH EMG, has announced his official departure from the boy group after his contract with the label ends this month.

In a lengthy statement, the agency stated Kevin is eyeing to pursue a different path after leaving U-KISS. Hence, NH EMG has decided to let go of the artist once his contract with them expires.

"We have come to the decision to announce his departure from the label and U-KISS after a long discussion and a long time thinking on the matter, respecting Kevin's wishes," the label said as per Allkpop.

Before his official departure, Kevin is scheduled for promotional activities with U-KISS in Korea and Japan. The upcoming events will be their last set of shows as a 6-member boy group.

"We are currently regrouping U-KISS as a 5-member group, and to show fans an unchanging, bright side, they plan on releasing a new album this year," NH EMG added.

Aside from a new album, U-KISS also promised to hold promotions both in local and foreign scenes.  Despite Kevin's decision to leave the group, NH EMG asked the fans to continue their support to him in his journey to fulfill his dreams.

As expected, the announcement of Kevin's departure from U-KISS has made many of his fans sad and emotional. However, most of them are just hopeful that the idol will find success in the future.

Following the release of their 11th mini album "Stalker" in June, fans have been waiting for the comeback of U-KISS in the music scene. According to Soompi, it took them over a year to launch a new album in Korea.

On top of their return last year, U-KISS announced that part of the proceeds from the album sales will be given to a charity to provide assistance to artists who are differently abled.

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