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The retro Nokia 3310 has been announced; Features and price revealed

By Clyde Morgan | Feb 28, 2017 11:50 AM EST
Nokia 3310
(Photo : The Verge - YouTube) The new Nokia 3310 has been announced in the recent Mobile World Congress. The company exhibits the features and price of the upcoming newly improved 3310.

The legendary Nokia 3310 is back with newly improved features and a fully overhauled design. The company has just introduced the retro mobile phone at the recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

According to Indian Express, the new Nokia 3310 will be available for just $50 once it hits the market. The handset will sport a colored screen, as it is now stepping away from the previous monochrome display.

The marketed as a secondary phone in today's era, while for some, it is an awesome thing to have for those who prefer simple mobile phone in their pocket. Having this phone will send you back in the 2000, where selfies are hard to do due to the fact that the camera only exists at the back.

No filters, no emojis and even the selfie videos won't be attending at all. The Nokia 3310 will only feature what a mobile phone offers back in the days.

Strategically and business wise, Nokia company is doing a great thing as the NDTv said. Nokia has just brought the things that most of the modern mobile enthusiasts are arguably hate, but the best part is, consumers really do miss the simple feature of the old mobile phone.

It may seem that as a consumer, we would rather choose to buy the latest smartphone rather than buying the new Nokia 3310. But by heart, the returning mobile phone is very appealing to our interest.

The new Nokia 3310 is presented with different neon backlit, which is one of the best feature of the mid 2000 colored phones. This handset is a true retro mobile phone, summoned in the modern era.

Moreover, the Nokia 3310 is packed with a tiny 1.5-inch screen. Though it is presented in an old monochrome display, it boasts a colored 240 x 320 screen. The company is very kind that they didn't remove the old-school physical keypad.

Overall, the returning Nokia 3310 is a very lovable mobile phone that several fans would want to have. For a cheap price, we are about to travel back in the early 2000 with this brand new gift from the well-respected Nokia company.

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