Former EXO member Luhan slams sasaeng fans in new song ‘Roleplay’ [VIDEO]

By diana / 2017.02.28
Former EXO member Luhan criticizes fans in his new song "Roleplay."

Luhan talked about his experience with sasaeng fans in his newest release, titled "Roleplay." Reports confirmed the former EXO member personally participated in the composition of the song.

"Roleplay" highlights the typical scenarios between idols and sasaeng fans. Aside from narrating his own experience with them, Luhan also delivered a strong message to these followers through the song Koreaboo.

The song contains the following lyrics: "Your eyes follow me wherever I go so I need to wear a helmet, don't touch me," "You follow me night and day, you're crazy" and "You trespass into my life without permission."

Through "Roleplay," the former EXO member warned he will not forgive those who will invade his personal space. Aside from that, Luhan also criticized the sasaeng fans with his lyrics.

"There's no truth in any words that come out of your mouth, I'll shut your mouth if you do this again," Luhan said through the song.

The idol has been vocal about his issue against sasaeng fans who would sometimes visit his house. Luhan even posted about them on Twitter alongside photos that prove that their stalking skills have gone over the top.

The 26-year-old idol made his singing debut with EXO in 2011. However, Luhan filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to abolish his contract with the group in 2014.

His departure from EXO has left his fans wondering about the reasons behind the sudden decision. According to Allkpop, a source affiliated with Luhan said he left the boy group and the agency due to monetary issue.

While another source, who claimed to be a friend of the former EXO member stated Luhan's desire to go back to China has led him to leave the K-Pop boy group. The source added the idol was not allowed to go home even during his breaks; hence, Luhan has decided to end his career in Korea.

Meanwhile, here's "Roleplay" by Luhan:

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