‘Defendant’ actress Son Yeo Eun recalls working experience with Ji Sung in legal series

By diana / 2017.02.27
Korean actress Son Yeo Eun makes a cameo appearance in ongoing legal series "Defendant."

Despite her short appearance in "Defendant," Son Yeo Eun was able to witness Ji Sung's dedication to his work. In fact, the actress has nothing but kind words to say about her on-screen husband.

Son Yeon Eun took the role of Ji Soo (Ji Sung's wife) in the legal series. But as the SBS drama progressed, her character was killed by her husband's enemy, Cha Min Ho (Uhm Ki Joon).

When asked about the role, Son Yeo Eun shared she was drawn to the story of "Defendant," which made her decide to make the cameo appearance. "I readily agreed to appear because I was interested [in the drama], and since [Ji Soo] would be a central figure in the case," she said as per Soompi.

Since her character died in the first episode, the 33-year-old has only shared the screen with Ji Sung, Uhm Ki Joon, Oh Chang Suk, and child actress Shin Rin Ah in "Defendant." However, her short stay did not stop her from getting to know these actors.

"His ability to concentrate is exceptional and he is good at taking care of his colleagues. I think he is a very sweet person," Son Yeo Eun said, referring to Ji Sung.

She also commended Shin Rin Ah for her talent in acting. "She is a child herself, but she is good at conveying that [childlike] essence," the actress added.

Meanwhile, Ji Sung had an emotional reunion with his daughter in the episode 11 of "Defendant." Although he failed to escape with her and Kim Min Suk, the lead actor plans to break out from the prison to locate their whereabouts.

On the other hand, SBS confirmed they are adding two more episodes of "Defendant" from the initial plan airing a 16-part series. According to Allkpop, the brains behind the legal drama asked to the extension to effectively deliver the ending of Ji Sung's battle against injustice.

Also, the decision for a two-episode extension of "Defendant" was made to meet the viewers' demands. The SBS legal series is currently leading in terms of viewership against its contender "Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People."

Watch "Defendant" every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 p.m.

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