BOYS24’s Yonghyun shares he used to be a back-up dancer of BTS [VIDEO]

By diana / 2017.02.27
Rookie idol Yonghyun featured in BOYS24 Profile.

On the Feb. 24 installment of "Wiki BOYS24," Yonghyun revealed his working experience with BTS as their back-up dancer. In fact, the idol shared that he even made friends with some of them after the encounter.

According to Koreaboo, the BOYS24 member specifically mentioned Jungkook as his closest among other BTS members. Yonghyun said he was able to get to know him while working as their back-up dancer for the intro trailer of BTS' "2015 Gayo Daejejeon" performance.

The opportunity to work with BTS was given to Yonghyun prior to his debut with BOYS24. A year later, the rookie idol had the chance to meet his seniors again on a music program.

"I met them [BTS] when we were at "M! Countdown." I think it had been a year since I last saw them," Yonghyun said, adding that Jungkook even complimented him during their meeting.

The BOYS24 member continued, "The other BTS members all greeted me with, "Wow, it's been a long time," but Jungkook said, "Wow, you actually look like a celebrity now that you have make-up on!""

During the rare encounter, BOYS24's Unit Sky and Unit Yellow posed for a photo op with VIXX and BTS as per Soompi. The project boy group even thanked their seniors for their warm greetings and applauds during the show.

Yonghyun admitted it felt different to meet Jungkook now that they are both idols; however, the BOYS24 member is looking forward to share a stage with him and the rest of BTS.

On the other hand, the project boy group will stage their first semi-final concert on Mar. 5, where nine members will be chosen to form a promotional unit. Reports stated the sub-group will have the chance to perform at KCON Japan and on music programs to promote BOYS24.

The "BOYS24 Reborn: The 1st Semi-Final" concert will be held at the Hall of Peace at Kyung Hee University.

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