K.A.R.D members deny possibility of dating each other; ‘I don’t think it’ll ever happen’

By diana / 2017.02.27
Quartet mixed gender group K.A.R.D in the official music video of "Don't Recall."

Being in a mixed gender group has its pros and cons. Although it carries an edge for uniqueness, members, however, can be linked to each other which might compromise the group later on.

Hence, K.A.R.D members disregard the idea of dating each other in the future. "We practice together, eat together, and we're not family," Jiwoo said as cited by Allkpop.

She went on, "Dating each other doesn't even make sense. I don't think it'll ever happen. I can promise that."

The female K.A.R.D member denied the possibility of them catching feelings for other members since they work together every day. Jiwoo strongly added that they do not have to write a promissory just to prove that they won't end up dating each other.

Meanwhile, J.seph shared he was surprised upon learning that he will be in a mixed gender group. The K.A.R.D member said he could not even imagine the idea of being in a band with women.

However, the male idol added having Jiwoo and Somin in the group have made K.A.R.D a good group. "It also sets us apart from the others," J.seph said.

Before the quartet could even make their official debut, K.A.R.D has been drawing much attention from the international scene. Since December, the Korean group has released two project singles, titled "Oh NaNa" and "Don't Recall."

On Monday, K.A.R.D teased for another project single that will be launched on Mar. 2. Aside from the release date, nothing has been confirmed about the hidden track; however, fans of the mixed group are more than excited for the new music.

Amid success of their pre-debut singles, the four members admitted they were kind of embarrassed by the choreography of "Don't Recall" as per Soompi. Despite having that feeling, Jiwoo said they had to shrug it off to give fans what they deserve.

"If we're embarrassed when doing the choreography, then anyone watching the performance [will become uncomfortable as well]," she said, adding that they only intend to appear cool to their supporters.

Here's K.A.R.D members performing "Don't Recall" at two times the original speed:

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