'Days of Our Lives' Feb. 27-March 3 Spoilers: Chad wants to fix his marriage with Abigail; Nicole kidnaps Holly

By Louise Bonquin / 2017.02.27
'Days of Our Lives' spoilers show Nicole kidnaps Holly after knocking Chloe unconscious.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for Feb. 27 to March 3 will leave viewers at the edge of their seats as the story intensified. This week will be filled with relationship issues, legal battles and even kidnapping.

Abigail, Chad & Gabi

Abigail and Chad's marriage seems to be back on the right track as the "Days of Our Lives" teasers show the latter trying to keep focus on his family. Chad starts off by mending his relationship with Abigail with whom he realized he cannot live without.

The family man admits he still has some special feelings for Gabi, however he knows that he needs to ignore them to make his family whole again. According to Celebrity Dirty Laundry, after the realization that he cannot bear to lose his wife Abigail, Chad wants to do everything to make her happy now.

Abigail decided to let go of the ill-feelings she felt after finding out that Chad and Gabi kissed when they were held hostage inside a storage freezer. She tries to understand that since the two were on the verge of death, the harsh conditions may have made them do what they should not.


While Chad and Abigail's marriage gets stronger, Dario will suffer since he keeps thinking about Abigail. Then again, when Eduardo asked him if he likes her, Dario firmly asserted that he only looks at her like a friend. He even gave Eduardo the expression that says he's shocked that he thought he would pursue someone who's already married.

But apparently, Dario is not saying the truth. He really started to look at Abigail differently, like more than a friend.

Chloe and Nicole

Chloe won the legal battle concerning the custody Holly. Of course, Nicole did not take the judgment positively and she was furious that she even broke up with Deimos. It is true that Holly is Nicole's biological child with Daniel and she (Chloe) is only the surrogate mother, but she cannot not give up the baby after Nicole associated herself with Deimos.

In the "Days of Our Lives," Daniel died and Deimos became Nicole's lover. Since Deimos is known to be the menace in Salem, Chloe felt that Holly will just be in danger if she will hand her to Nicole so the custody battle ensue.


Soap Hub narrated that while Nicole was planning to snatch Holly away from Chloe, Deimos already has his own plan of kidnapping the baby. Before Deimos could carry out his plans, he learned that Nicole beat him to it as she already made her move and now trying to run away with her baby daughter. Finally, the "Days of Our Lives" this week will show whether Nicole will be caught or not as Chloe reported the incident to the cops.

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