Taiwan's Tatun Group of volcanoes show magma seismic evidence: Sign of impending eruption?

By Mauricia / 2017.02.25
The Tatun Group almost consist of 20 volcanoes which showed signs of seismic evidence which could in a possible eruption in the near future.

One by one, volcanoes wakes up from its dormancy as India's only active volcano shows signs of being active again after years of being tranquil. The Tatun Group of volcanoes which is located in Taiwan seems to be joining the bandwagon of the fireworks party.

The Tatun Group (also known as Datun) is showing activities according to the Academia Sinica's Institute of Earth Sciences researchers. They have discovered seismic proofs for magma which lies nearly 20 kilometers under the volcanoes validating the notion that people should acknowledge that it is possibly active.

Wired reported that based on the Nature Scientific Reports study, the magma body is a series of ridges which could mean that the full magmatic system might be as big as 350 cubic kilometers based on what proportion the system is molten.

At any rate, even though the magma has been observed seismically, it does not mean of an impending eruption. Approximately, a scantily 14 percent of it could be molten well below the maximum of 60 percent needed before the magma's viscidity will permit it to erupt.

Eruptions have already shaken Taiwan with local officials being prompted to develop a kind of system that will monitor the activities of the Tatun Group of volcanoes provided its adjacency to Taipei. Recently, the volcanoes indicate more activeness than previously thought of.

A geologist from this study, Lin Cheng-horng says, "it could happen in a few years, 10 years, or many decades later, it will require much more research to be better understood."

According to The Volcano Discovery, the Tatun Volcano group consists of about 20 volcanoes with a succession of andesitic lava domes in Taiwan's northernmost part. The 1,120 meters high Chisingshan lava dome is considered the youngest and highest volcano in the group.

It is also called Qixing Mountain, also spelled as Qixingshan literally means "Seven Star Mountain". It is situated in the heart of Yangmingshan National Park and showed its wrath 700,000 years ago.

Taiwan officials are now closely monitoring the activities of the Tatun Group. With that magma that lies within, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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