Go Ara not satisfied with her performance in ‘Hwarang’? Actress shares her two cents about acting

By diana / 2017.02.23
Actress Go Ara played as Aro in historical drama "Hwarang."

Go Ara is not ashamed to admit her shortcomings in her craft. In fact, the "Hwarang" star revealed she started taking acting classes again to grow as an actress.

When asked about her portrayal of Aro in "Hwarang," the 27-year-old actress frankly said she was not satisfied with her acting in the historical drama. "I am never completely satisfied with my performances," Go Ara told Korea Herald.

The actress went on, "It's the same for this show. I still have so much to learn."  

14 years after her acting debut, Go Ara thought she still has a lot to learn as an actress; hence, the "Hwarang" star said it is important to learn from her co-actors and trainers.

Aside from learning from her seniors, the actress added being in a foreign place and meeting new people are also part of the learning process. "You have to be open to all kinds of ideas and emotions and try to understand them all," she explained.

Go Ara and the rest of "Hwarang" cast bid their goodbyes on Tuesday after their two-month broadcast. Although the KBS2 drama ended with meager ratings, the actress considered the experience more valuable than the figures.

According to Soompi, Go Ara mentioned working with the whole team was "meaningful," stating that she values their bond regardless of the drama's viewership ratings. She added hearing positive feedbacks from the audience is more than enough for her to remember this project in the future.

"I participated in this drama because I wished to have fun while filming a historical drama and wanted to capture the passion of young people, so I hope that "Hwarang" won't only be talked about in terms of numbers," Go Ara said.

The highly anticipated ending of "Hwarang" fell short in terms of viewership with 7.9 percent against contenders "Defendant" and "Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People" with 22.2 and 11.5 percent ratings, respectively.

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