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AMD Ryzen processor; benchmarks indicate stronger performance vs. Intel

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Feb 21, 2017 07:26 AM EST
Benchmark performance of AMD compared to Intel
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/RedGamingTech) Benchmark performance of AMD compared to Intel

AMD is moving forward with their upcoming release of Ryzen processor that could setup a nice price war with Intel. Based on the latest leak on its benchmark performance, those looking for an impressive processor on a budget should anticipate its upcoming release in just few weeks.

Processing Prowess vs. Intel Leaked

As AMD prepares for the release of the highly anticipated Ryzen processor, it's benchmark performance was leaked according to Forbes. But the leak is more than a good news for the company because the benchmark reveals that the upcoming processing chip outperforms some of Intel's latest processor. Specifically, the AMD Ryzen 5 1600x provides slightly better performance compared to Intel Core i7 6850k in CPU-Z benchmark although Intel still provides a slightly higher turbo frequency (3.8Ghz vs. 3.7Ghz).

But the small disadvantage of turbo frequency could be ignored by PC gamers looking to set-up a gaming rig on a budget. Ryzen's upcoming powerful processor is expected to retail for only $259 - a very impressive price point compared to Intel's i7 6850k that's currently selling for more than $600. AMD is putting up a serious competition with Intel not only in pricing but also in performance.

New Gaming Rig for Overclocking

Jumping to AMD to build an affordable gaming device is not as easy as swapping processors. After all, AMD and Intel has two different motherboards which means jumping to AMD will require another motherboard - a serious factor for gamers already on Intel.

However, those looking to build from scratch has the opportunity to push the capabilities of the Ryzen processor. According to Eurogamer Ryzen will come in five forms and one of them is built for overclocking including support for multiple GPUs - a first in PC set-ups. Other processors don't have the same capabilities but will suit just fine for those looking for a basic gaming setup.

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