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The immortal Nokia 3310 is making a comeback; Nokia confirmed its release date

By Clyde Morgan | Feb 20, 2017 07:37 AM EST
Nokia 3310
(Photo : Concept creator - YouTube) The Nokia 3310 is about to make a comeback as the company announced that the phone will be re-released this month.

The indestructible, ever beloved Nokia 3310 is making its comeback in the market as the company announced. The great Nokia company reportedly announced that they will be releasing a new set of Nokia 3310 later this month of February.

According to the Eye Witness News, the Nokia decided to re-release their one of the best dumb phones which was first seen back in 2000. Despite of the heavy competition of the modern era smartphones, Nokia Company is confident that millions of consumers around the world would still patronize the immortal Nokia 3310.

In today's era, the Nokia 3310 will be considered to be a secondary phone for all. It may come in handy for those consumers who prefer comfort when it comes to sending text messages due to its awesome and crisp buttons that everyone can even type messages without looking to the phone.

Other than that, UK Telegraph reported that Nokia 3310 has an endless battery life. The Nokia 3310's battery is incomparable that it can even stand for more than a week, the four-bar battery indicator really can't help it but to stay alive for a longer time, even a single blinking bar could even last for more than a day.

Durability? Nokia 3310 is known to be immortal, it even ignores a very high impact from a fall or thrown off the wall. Nokia 3310 will not leave you as easy as that, this phone is the best among the best out of the dumb phone family that no mobile phone has ever made as durable as the great Nokia 3310.

The Nokia 3310 will always be the sweat heart of most people, especially in the early 2000. It is also the first mobile phone that can be customized, from the blinking and colored backlit, fancy replaceable cases and the unique screen acetate designs.

During the days, Nokia 3310 is a trend that everyone in the corner had one. It is well known across the globe, setting a sales record for the Nokia Company, as they sold the phone for more than $100 million units.

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