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Chinese smartphone eating through Apple's market, find out how?

By Claire | Feb 09, 2017 01:59 PM EST
Chinese smartphone eating through Apple's market, find out how?
(Photo : YouTube / Android Authority) Chinese smartphone eating through Apple's market, find out how?

Chinese smartphone eating through Apple's market all over the world and the competition may just end up proving to be fatal for Apple. Not just Apple, it looks like even Samsung will find it difficult to survive in the growing competition.

Brands like Oppo and Huawei has brought the technology enabled smartphones well within the reach of many people without being too heavy on their pockets. After Vivo's entry, Chinese vendors now occupy the first three positions in the smartphones segment.

Rising to power

The market leadership of Chinese smartphones is well-reflected in their pricing strategy as well. In 2016, there has been a significant price rise in the Chinese smartphones. All the leading Chinese smartphone makers like Vivo, Oppo and others have doubled their efforts of coming out with high-end devices like the Huawei Mate 9, P9, and the OPPO R9.

Vivo went on to increase the size of its portfolio with products like Vivo Xplay 6, other brands too followed suit. Android Headlines reports that Vivo devices were sold for an average 218 USD while Samsung devices were just slightly ahead with an average price of 222 USD.

In fact, there is a possibility that the average sales price of Samsung devices went down considerably during the year. Contradictory to the notion, the average sales price for Huawei and Oppo also came down in 2016. But the positive point is that there market share grew for both these brands.

Clearly 2017 looks like a good year for the Chinese smartphone brands.

Loss for Apple

In addition to the competition from Chinese smartphone makers, Apple also faces a challenge from Google. Entrepreneur elaborates that Brand Finance's Global 500 2017 report places Google on the top as the most loved brand, across the world.

Apple had held the top spot in this category for the last few years. A downgrade hints at tough times ahead for the smartphone maker.

Watch this video to check out the review of Oppo F1 Plus to know more:

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