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Canon EOS M6: What forced Canon to downgrade?

By Claire | Feb 09, 2017 04:32 AM EST
Canon EOS M6 : What forced Canon to downgrade?
(Photo : YouTube / Rick Davis) Canon EOS M6 : What forced Canon to downgrade?

Canon EOS M6 is already in the pipeline, and is likely to fall in the mirrorless camera category. As of now, not many details are available about this new model but Canon is expected to power it with a 15-45 mm lens kit or an 18-150 mm lens kit and a black or silver colour.

The EOS M5 preceding this rumored device also experienced a famed launch. It was labeled as a bold effort by Canon to take the lead in the mirrorless camera segment.

What the new camera could be like?

Another hint that Canon could be dropping lies in the name of the device. If the new mirrorless camera by Canon is named EOS M6, it is possible it will be an addition to the recently launched EOS M5. After all, if Canon had any intentions to make major changes, why would it choose a similar name? Perhaps, they are opting for minor upgrades.

Alternatively EOS M6 may end up being the start of a separate lineup of mirrorless cameras for Canon. Uber Gizmo further elaborates that the new camera by Canon will come in classic black and silver colour options.

Is it a downgrade?

The Canon EOS M6 is powered with Wi-Fi, a built-in Bluetooth facility and these features are available in Canon EOS M5 as well. In case of EOS M6, fans should expect the viewfinder to be sold separately.

Slash Gear elaborates that not having an electronic viewfinder could end up as a major downgrade from the existing EOS M5 models. After all, this viewfinder is one of the big selling points of EOS M5. The new camera by Canon is expected to retain the 24.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 7 processor available in its predecessor.

The device is also expected to have Canon's Dual Pixel AF. However, there is no clarity on whether the device will have the combination IS stabilization tech which is present on EOS M5.

Watch this video for an interesting review of the Canon EOS M10 device:

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