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Google Maps Update: Will it make transportation better and faster?

By Claire | Feb 07, 2017 08:04 AM EST
Google Maps Update : Will it make transportation better and faster?
(Photo : YouTube / The Gadget Nerd) Google Maps Update : Will it make transportation better and faster?

There is a new Google maps update and there is a possibility it will make life easier for the many commuters who rely on the tool for their daily travel. Google has already started rolling out the update through play store. However, there is no clarity on when the update will roll out for the iOS devices.

The new features include swipe up options near the main menu that will help travelers explore nearby places worth travelling, eating, etc. There is also an option to check for nearby gas stations, petrol pumps, café, etc. during the course of your travel.

If the users choose to save locations and classify them as home, work place, office, etc. the Google maps update will help them understand the estimated time of travel. The real time analysis will make it possible for people to reach on time.

The maps are now updated to provide suggestion on better routes. Additionally, they will also show the traffic conditions on the route you choose to travel by.

Benefits for public transport

For those travelling by public transport, the Transit tab has all the information on routes by bus and train. It will advise on faster routes by bus and road. The transit tab will also shed light on the bus timings, nearby platforms and railway stations, Phone Arena elaborates.

As soon as the user of the app chooses the final destination, maps will guide with an estimated time of arrival and time that the person is likely to spend in transit.

What maps do?

Currently, maps has more than a billion users worldwide and offers more than just satellite imagery, as reported on BGR India. In addition to route planning, users can make use of the street views, panoramas, etc. Once users log in, the app picks up the location by default and feeds it to the servers for further processing.

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