BIGBANG’s G-Dragon dating Goo Hara? Ex-Kara member addresses malicious rumors

By diana / 2017.02.04
BIGBANG's G-Dragon in attendance during the Chanel Haute Couture Spring Summer 2017 show in Paris.

Netizens are convinced that G-Dragon and Goo Hara are seeing each other after they were recently spotted at an amusement park in Korea. Despite the fact the two idols were with Sulli and Ga In at that time, dating rumors continued to make headlines for the past few days.

The four idols likely tried to hide their identities as they were pictured wearing masks and caps. In fact, the photo barely proved that the man who was with Goo Hara, Sulli and Ga In was G-Dragon.

However, netizens argued that the man covered in black mask and cap was G-Dragon, pointing out the design of his phone case as per Allkpop. The recent photos came after the three girls attended G-Dragon's private exhibition of PEACEMINUSONE in Paris.

The surface of their amusement park photos resulted to dating rumors involving G-Dragon and Goo Hara. The controversy even received mixed response from the fans of the two artists.

Many were shocked upon hearing the dating rumors, while others thought the idea was absurd. On the other hand, fans of the two idols asked some netizens to respect G-Dragon and Goo Hara's personal lives.

"Can't a guy and a girl be friends without having dating rumors around them?" a netizen wrote. Another one posted, "They went as a group, how come Goo Hara and G-Dragon became the topic?"

On Friday, Goo Hara's label addressed the dating rumors pressed against the two idols. "Goo Hara went to Lotte World with G-Dragon, Sulli, and Ga In simply because they are close. The dating rumors are not true," KeyEast said as cited by Soompi.

Meanwhile, some fans laughed at the idea that netizens are involving G-Dragon to dating rumors. Before Goo Hara, the BIGBANG member was linked to Dara, who was quick to deny the controversy.

"Oppa is dating every girl he's with? Seriously though, I wish to see him happy in a relationship soon. He deserves that," a fan commented.

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