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LG G6 vs LG G5 vs LG G4: battle of the generations in regards to design and other specifications

By Nayanika Majumdar | Feb 05, 2017 05:58 AM EST
LG G6 to have heat pipe battery feature
(Photo : YouTube/ DILJASSK) LG G6 to have heat pipe battery feature
LG G6 will be using the Snapdragon 821.
(Photo : SuperSaf TV - YouTube) LG G6 will be using the Snapdragon 821.

The mobile phones witness many changes with each release and the difference in features is well seen in the successive models from the same company. The main purpose to create a new model is to introduce productive changes in the features of the earlier model and correct the faults. This article carefully assesses the specification of the LG G6, LG G5 and the LG G4 and passes a verdict on the better model of Smartphone.

According to information from PhoneArena, the LG G4 had been released in 2015 whereas the LG G5 was released in 2016 and the LG G6 is expected to be released in late February of 2017. When the topic of display comes up we must say that the LG G6 will most certainly have more convenient side-by-side multitasking on a larger screen and be easier to grasp. The G6 could be narrower and taller than the G4 and G5. The G4 has the screen dimensions of 4.96x2.68 inches whereas the G5 has 4.62x2.6 inches and the G6 will have 5.1x2.55 inches. The G6 also has higher display resolution than its predecessors but all have the same QHD LCD displays.

The G6 will skip the modular design concept having a sealed, non-removable battery and will be water-resistant in design. The processor that the latter models run on is always more powerful than the previous which makes them faster and more efficient. The G6 is rumoured to be equipped with the Snapdragon 821 processor (2.15GHz) while the G5 used the Snapdragon 820(2.2GHz) and the G4 used Snapdragon 808(1.8GHz). The LG G6 has a more durable design which ensures reliability.

The information from TrustedReviews explains that the phone would feature a SD830 chip, Android 7.0 operating system and would have the price of more than £500. When it comes to the cameras of the three phones, we see that the G4 has only a rear camera whereas the G5 has a secondary camera as well, with ultra-wide lens. The G6 rumours suggest that the phone could have HDR tricks or an improved optical system which can match the camera of the Pixel series. The audio quality of the new phone would be greater than the prior and as LG is known for its audio pairing we can expect marvellous earphone quality from the G6.


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