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Samsung Pay Mini exclusive to android devices, nothing for iOS, Why?

By Claire | Feb 03, 2017 10:59 PM EST
Samsung Pay Mini exclusive to android devices, nothing for iOS, Why?
(Photo : YouTube / PhoneDog) Samsung Pay Mini exclusive to android devices, nothing for iOS, Why?

Samsung Pay Mini has now been confirmed for Android devices but through this announcement, the brand may have silently closed the door on iOS. All hype surrounding the introduction of a Samsung payment solution on an Apple system is likely to die down soon. Even though the brand is yet to confirm the developments, it is suspected, Samsung has closed all doors leading to Apple's iOS.

Samsung Pay Mini will be a bifurcation of the Samsung Pay service. Currently, the Samsung Pay services are available to Samsung devices. However, Samsung Pay Mini will extend this reach. The application will be available to non-Samsung devices as well.

But, non-Samsung devices will be able to make use of Samsung Pay Mini only as long as they operate on Android 5.0 and higher versions. Also devices that want to use Samsung Pay Mini will need to have a screen resolution of 720 pixel in HD.

What to expect?

Not just the exclusivity, there are other features of the Samsung Mini Pay that may be worth exploring. For starters, this application only enables online transactions. Offline payments like tap n pay will not work with the Samsung Pay Mini.

The other useful features are in the area of rewards and perks. These perks include access to promotional offers on lifestyle clothing, apparel, accessories, etc. Samsung Pay, on the other hand, is the fully loaded payment application available in the high-end Samsung devices.

Launch date and pirce?

Samsung is yet to announce a launch date of the all new Samsung Pay Mini but that has not stopped fans from speculating. However, it is expected that the initial announcement would be restricted to the Korean market, Slash Gear reports. There is a possibility that the new application would be introduced in Korea in the first quarter itself. The makers have already confirmed a special pre-event for Samsung Pay Mini introducing the idea to the users in Korea, Droid Life reports

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