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Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 update for January out, what to expect?

By Claire | Feb 02, 2017 01:44 PM EST
Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 update for January out, what to expect?
(Photo : YouTube / Android Authority) Samsung Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7 update for January out, what to expect?

Samsung has initiated the process of rolling out a new update to its Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A7(2016) smartphones which promises to fix the security bugs in the previous operating system. Many users have already received the update and those who haven't are likely to get it soon.

Details about updates that users can expect is still not known. Additionally, it is possible that the update will take time to travel to the vast user base.

What to expect?

The report on GSM Arena further advises the users to go into the Settings menu and manually check for the updates. The build number for this update is A500F1U1CQA1and A710LKLU1BQA4 for the Galaxy A5 2015 and Galaxy A7 2016 respectively.

The security patch addresses 67 different vulnerabilities. Not just A5 and A7 users, Samsung has rolled out updates for many of its other devices as well, The Android Soul reports. Therefore, doing a manual check may help. Alternatively, users can also expect a firmware update on their devices.

An interesting detail is Samsung Galaxy S5 will get the Android Nougat update. Benchmarking for the same is already underway and so fans can expect to get the update in the coming weeks.

Nougat is an extremely smooth processor and is also easy to operate. It also offers several enhancements over the existing interface. This also includes the split screen feature for multitasking.

Before the update!

Samsung users who are planning to make the most of the update should remember to keep their phones charged. A full charge is not needed but at least 50 percent charging will ensure that your device does not conk off mid-way through an update.

Also, the users should preferably connect to a Wi-Fi network to ensure that the phone is updated without interruption. Alternatively, you could opt for a stable data connection while enabling the update on your phone.

Watch this video for a review of Samsung Galaxy A5 below:

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