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Shazam can now identify any song before the track even ends; New Android shortcut revealed

By Joseph Michael | Jan 30, 2017 02:08 PM EST
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The known app to identify songs that one is eager to know, Shazam, just made some updates to the app, which would make the whole process of identifying tracks easier and faster. The company announced these changes on Jan. 29.

Based on the report made by Slash Gear, Shazam made some updates for both Android and iOS users. However, for those who want to avail the feature that would make it fast to get a song ID, using Android Nougat is the only way to do it for now. This app allows users to get a shortcut in getting the identity of the song or track simply by doing a firm-press.

Unfortunately, this shortcut is not yet available for iOS and other Android os users if they are not yet on Nougat. Although that is the case, there are still other features that one could enjoy from this app even if they have not upgraded to Nougat.

A photo posted by Shazam (@shazam) on Nov 22, 2016 at 9:50am PST

Users can now scan some Shazam Codes using their phone or tablet's camera. Think of augmented reality when doing it. Anyone could scan codes of Shazam that can be found in pretty much everything such as magazines and other tangible materials. As long as there is a code, one could easily scan that from their camera and get an ID for it.

Live News Today also reported that updates include creation of a new account for both platforms in order to have backup files. This feature allows one to still have their saved items in case they lose their mobile device. Bug problems have also been addressed, which would make the app run smoothly this time.

Shazam is a private company based in the United States and it has been there since 1999. Its headquarters are not in America because they are all located in the United Kingdom.

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