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Kyocera has a new waterproof smartphone; Specs, review and other features

By Joseph Michael | Jan 29, 2017 11:19 PM EST
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(Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Kyocera's new Zio M6000 smartphone is displayed at the International CTIA Wireless 2010 convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center March 23, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kyocera has a new smartphone released on Jan. 29 in Japan and it is called the Rafre. The most special feature of this phone is the fact that it is waterproof and even soap-proof. This is the second time that Kyocera released a washable smartphone.

According to Phone Arena, this is not the first time that the company released a waterproof and soap-proof smartphone. They had the first one back in December of 2015 and it was called the DIGNO Rafre. Both the specs were not that amazing according to the publication.

Even though this smartphone is not the top-of-the-line waterproof kind, it is still not that bad to buy it from the many unique features it has. Like the fact that one could wash it using a foaming soap with water and still would be fine after doing it. The touchscreen won't get destroyed or damaged even when someone thoroughly cleans it with soap and water.

Another cool feature it has is that it would still function even after accidentally dropping it in hot water. Cases like this usually happen in the bath tub. This means that even in this scenario, the smartphone would still be safe and functional.

For people who love to cook, this smartphone is also perfect because it can be operated using hand gestures. A pre-loaded cooking app is part of its features, which allows anyone to do their thing in the kitchen and still use this smartphone, hands-free.

According to Perf Science, its specs include 2GB RAM with 16GB of internal memory, which could be expanded to 200GB if one decides to buy a microSD card. The resolution is not bad either for an affordable smartphone that is waterproof in nature since it is HD or 720p.

The operating system is under Android's 7.0 Nougat. As of the moment, this is only available in Japan. There are no updates yet on it being available in the U.S. or other parts of Europe and Asia.

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