YG Entertainment to focus on Japan promotions, solo activities; Agency to debut new girl group

By Maria A. / 2017.01.29
BIGBANG performs at K-Collection in 2012.

This 2017, YG Entertainment is said to bolster its activities in Japan and is likely to lay low on promotions in China due to uncertainties in the Chinese market, particularly with repercussion coming from the THAAD.

YG Entertainment achieved its highest profit and revenue in history due to its expansion into the Chinese market. However, due to the instability and concern caused by the THAAD issue, YG Entertainment's stock price dropped 41 percent from its peak stock price, allkpop reported.

Experts say that this might prompt YG Entertainment to focus on the Japanese market instead, where many of its artists are receiving massive success. According to a Samsung Securities financial researcher named Yang, although YG has not sought to drastic measures such as cancelling concerts in China, they are still cautiously monitoring the regulations.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is also focusing on their artists' solo careers. For one, BIGBANG will be halting their group activities as members begin their mandatory military duties this year. T.O.P will be the first one to enter the military, after which the other members will pursue solo activities in the coming months.

"BIGBANG has engaged in individual activities from the early stage, so each member is strong," Yang tells Yonhap News. "G-Dragon has a great passion for making his own solo album so he also proposed Seungri to complete a solo album together by March. Daesung will hold a concert tour of Japanese cities while Taeyang will release a solo album, too."

With YG Entertainment's senior groups, BIGBANG and 2NE1, out of the main picture this year the agency plans to focus on its younger groups. There are rumblings that the agency would debut a new girl group after the success of Black Pink. Yang Hyun Suk also said that the agency will put its efforts on developing iKON and WINNER. 

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