‘The Legend Of The Blue Sea’ producer commends Lee Min Ho for hard work, humility, acting skills

By diana / 2017.01.26
"The Legend of the Blue Sea" actor Lee Min Ho during his visit in Taipei.

Producer of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" has some kind words to say about actor Lee Min Ho after wrapping up the fantasy drama. In a recent interview, Jin Hyuk shared how the Hallyu actor has amazed him in so many ways while filming the series.

The producer said he has seen how Lee Min Ho has developed as an actor while doing drama series. "The character Heo Joon Jae changes a lot throughout the drama, and Lee Min Ho did a great job portraying the different sides to the character," he said as per Soompi.

Jin Hyuk added the actor has carried out difficult scenes smoothly, proving his versatility in acting. The producer also commended Lee Min Ho for his focus and hard work while filming for "The Legend of the Blue Sea."

He even branded Lee Min Ho as a star who turned into a real actor, who is passionate of his craft. Jin Hyuk added the 29-year-old actor has remained grounded despite his popularity.

The producer continued, "I expect he must have been really tired during the last half of filming, but he was the one who treated the staff to the most meals and coffee. I think it was very sweet of him."

On the other hand, Lee Min Ho thanked his fans for supporting the finale of "The Legend of the Blue Sea" on Wednesday. According to Allkpop, the Hallyu actor admitted he enjoyed playing as Jun Jae for the fantasy drama.

"I would never forget your hearts which allow me to be who I am and the support that makes me a better self," the actor said through his agency.

Meanwhile, Jun Ji Hyun said all her worries about her character disappeared because of the support that she was getting while filming for "The Legend of the Blue Sea." Despite difficulties for taking the role of a mermaid, the actress said this project will be memorable for her. 

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