Sandara Park admits she was devastated by 2NE1's break up; Comments on dating rumors

By Maria A. / 2017.01.25
Dara attends the Givenchy fashion show during Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week.

Sandara Park, member of the now-defunct girl group 2NE1, revealed that she was devastated by the group's sudden disbandment. In a recent interview she said that she didn't want to fly solo without her group members.

Appearing on the January 25 broadcast of JTBC's "Talking Street," Dara shared that she didn't want to say goodbye to 2NE1 after seven years of being together. "I'm really afraid to stand alone. I don't want to say goodbye to my members," Dara said, as quoted by allkpop.

She added that she was in denial about the disbandment at first and later became depressed when it sank in. "But now, I have accepted the reality and decided to participate in the show today," the singer said.

Despite the disbandment, the bond of the members of 2NE1 has remained intact. Dara revealed that she still spends time with the other members and they still remain the closest of friends.

On the show, Dara also addressed rumors about her dating BIGBANG member G-Dragon. Sandara Park and G-Dragon dating rumors were once again ignited after a video from BIGBANG's Seoul Concert came out, which showed G-Dragon shielding a woman presumed to be Dara from fans.

According to allkpop, Dara explained that she went to BIGBANG's concert as a public relations representative. While they were on their way to the after party, G-Dragon put his arm around Dara, telling her that "it's just a concept." Furthermore, Dara expressed shock at the headlines, saying she didn't expect the incident to come off as that.

Sandara Park confirmed has projects in South Korea and the Philippines lining up for her this year. In 2016, Dara was one of the judges in the Philippine TV show "Pinoy Boy Band Superstar." She also recently starred in "Happy Ending Over Again," where she appeared as an arrogant idol named Gu Seul Ah.

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