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Microsoft Project Scorpio specs revealed; First experience of gameplay is great - Phil Spencer

By Clyde Morgan | Jan 25, 2017 10:39 AM EST
Xbox Scorpio
(Photo : CTNtechnologynews- YouTube) Microsoft Project Scorpio has is doing a great progress and the company is happy to reveal its initial specs. Phil Spencer was able to have the first touch of the gameplay using the console and said that it looks great.

Microsoft Project Scorpio was announced last year and the company calls it as the world's most powerful video game console ever made. Xbox Project Scorpio is now currently in development and Microsoft has just revealed some of the console's specifications.

As expected, the Microsoft Project Scorpio will deliver a high-detailed gaming experience. According to the IGN, Project Scorpio will boast a six teraflop GPU. The Project Scorpio will also utilize a different type of RAM architecture compared to the Xbox One as it is reported to use an L2 cache with 4 times of power.

It is also revealed that the new Microsoft Project Scorpio will be using a the same Jaguar chipset, the same chipset with the XB1 and PS4, but will be using the new AMD Zen architecture. Expectation about the native 4K visuals is now conserved and will be presented once the new console is released.

It has been said that Microsoft will not be using the same ESRAM from the Xbox One, instead, a 320GB/s memory bandwidth is installed that with an L2 Cache that runs four times the previous one. Packed with 12GB GDDR5 RAM, the Project Scorpio is sure to deliver a consistent computing response with a stable high frame rate value.

In a report by the UK Express, Xbox President Phil Spencer teased the fans as he claims that he was able to experience the first gameplay using the Project Scorpio. Spencer said that the gameplay looks and great and even praised his team for the great progress of the development.

According to Time, the new Project Scorpio is expected to have a VR support, if not by the Microsoft, it will come from third-party companies for sure. Since VR gaming is now stepping on the mainstream, Project Scorpio is expected to compete against big companies like the HTC and Oculus VR.

Game titles won't be an issue, since Microsoft is known to tie up with great companies and developers. There are tons of titles to expect in the Project Scorpio and some of them might be titles exclusive to Xbox One.

For the price, of course, the more powerful it is, the more expensive it will come. Even Microsoft hasn't announced any suggested price, still fans should not expect that it can be less than $400.

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